Reduce Friction & Increase Profits
Business Management Simplified

Our software solution is tailored for government and enterprise who need a flexible platform that empowers their employees to deliver better service. With reporting and tracking tools that help boost efficiency we provide smart technology services to emerging regions who are looking to update and enhance their offerings through technology.

Digitally Manage
Resource Tools

• Relationships
• Personel
• Products
• Finances
• Assets

Our Platform Your Services

FleetFare Platform
B2B Software

FleetFare is a Customizable Management System (SaaS) for Government and Enterprise Services. We help Maintain Digital Records and Receipts, Deploy Assets and Create Reports.

Core Use Case
Flexible + Personal

Our software platform enables public and private sectors to engage more customers with transparent services an reporting. Empowering organizations with technology that provide insight and expands cashless transactions.


Simplify Your Service and Increase Revenue
Easily Deployable SaaS

Empowering business with tools and technology that provide insight and expand transactional opportunities.

• $ increase revenues
• @ connect guests
• * track satisfaction
• % expand customers

Our Core Functions
Streamline Business Innovation

• Simplify Your Business Services
• Enable Secure Digital Payments
• Reduce Risk and Fraud



Customizable Web Dashboard
Government & Enterprise Services

Our software helps you to deploy, manage, track, and maintain all of your commercially registered service providers. We provide you and your staff the highest level of technology for a better customer experience.

• Customizable SaaS
• Asset Management
• Booking and Dispatching
• Frictionless Payment’s
• Staff Reports
• Financial Reports
• Customer Reports

Software Solutions
Designed For Service

• iOS
• Android
• API Components


Business Dashboard
Staff Application
Customer Application


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