Staff Application

Streamline Delivery of Services

Expand Your Staff’s Services

Access all of your business requests and information though our platform. Accept payments internationally and create recurring customer benefits from customer ratings; reach new markets through our offers system.

๏ Cashless Payments
๏ No New Hardware Required
๏ Easily Reach Your Customers
๏ Confirm Customer Arrangements
๏ Simplify Re-booking and Referrals


Confirm Customer Travel Arrangements / Digital Requests
• Revieve secure request and connect to the transportation & local travel services
• Travel with confidence; see prices, review fares, compare rates and view travel times

Easy Confirmation
• Staff confirm all pickups and drop offs and the system will notify Customers automatically
• Staff check in alerts travelers of trip status

Travel Itinerary
• Travel events are saved and can be retrieved
• Modify events if their plans change

Easy Check in
• Customers check-in/checkout of the travel events
• Travel status updates directly to users

Digital Ticketing
• Reduced risk of carrying cash
• Confirm service through checkouts
• Payment receipts saved to Customers account

Offers & Discounts
• Create, schedule and run specials
• Deliver advertising to your Customers
• Attract the attention of new markets
• Scheduled and program content at specific times