Customer Application

Made For Experiences

Connect To Licensed Professional

Working with your customer in mind, we have focused on the international logistics transportation and service markets. Customers rate services and provide authentic user based feedback.

๏ Professionally Licensed
๏ Individuals and Groups
๏ Multilingual Customers
๏ Multiple Modal Services
๏ Local and International Service

Customer Assurance Travel Safe
• Place a secure request and connect to the transportation & local travel services
• Travel with confidence; see prices, review fares, compare rates and view travel times

Multi Generational Tavel & Group Travel
• Find a trusted transportation services available in the area
• Share and recommend places to see
• Keep users on schedule with travel information

Secured Purchases / International Transactions
• Make any payment: International Currency Accepted
o 200+ markets
o 20+ currencies

Real Time Trip Tracker / Easy Check in
• Guest check-in/checkout of the travel events
• Travel status updates directly to users

Trip Receipts Simplified / Digital Ticketing
• Reduced risk of carrying cash
• Confirm service through checkouts
• Payment receipts saved to Customers  account

Reliable Service / Trusted Recommendations
• Review suggestions about places to eat, visit, sight see, etc.
• Ratings and travel recommendations by users